Above-and-Beyond Service

Above and beyond that call you make to TPMS are the series of actions it puts into motion to ensure that your specifications are followed to the letter, each time, every time you call.

This industry-high level of service we provide – from your being able to talk to a real person when you first place your order, through the on-time delivery – is so consistent, so predictable, there is a name for it – Above-and-Beyond Service.

But a name, of course, is merely a name. What matters is what that name stands for. In the case of TPMS, it stands for a standard of customer-first service that makes it possible for you to place your trust in us, with full confidence we can be relied upon.



On-Demand services. One call streamlines your delivery process.


Time-definite, tailored routes & multiple same day deliveries.


TPMS management team has over 50 years of combined experience.


TPMS has lower costs and overhead than our competitors.


It starts with an understanding of your top priority...

At Top Priority Messenger Service (TPMS), through our management team’s 50-plus years of combined courier industry experience, we have become keenly aware that your top priority in selecting a delivery service is to have it deliver, not only your parcels, but service.

Service can mean different things to different people, but for most it means reliability, accountability, courteous treatment and bottom-line value.

Because we realize you have many choices among delivery companies, we have dedicated ourselves to being a different kind of delivery company, one that can make us truly a better choice for you. We do this by steadfastly maintaining some key system-components like a customer-first attitude, quality staff, adequate staffing and advanced ordering and delivery-status technology.


Simply put, that’s why...

"Your Top Priority is Our Top Priority!"